Assessing Your Needs

Sinnott Executive Consulting offers a variety of services that can be streamlined to deliver the strategic results that can make a huge difference in the productivity and profitability of your organization. Taking the brief quiz below can start you thinking about the strengths and weaknesses of your leadership team or organization.

A follow up consultation with Dan will focus your organization’s key goals and assess each of the targeted employees, noting strengths and weaknesses and tailoring a plan for each of them.

Take The Executive Communication Quiz

This simple quiz will help you understand if communication, a leading contributor to an organization’s success, is an issue for your executive leadership team:

Answer each of the following questions in Part 1 and Part 2 for your executive leadership team using this measurement scale:

1 - Poor     2 – Fair     3 – Good     4 – Excellent     5 - Distinguished

Part 1

Part 2

If you scored:

24+  You have done well so far, Congratulations!

1-23  There are many areas in which both you and your company can benefit from by hiring an executive consultant. Stop struggling and start looking for one now. Sinnott Executive Consulting can help. Depending on your results, it will be clear if your entire executive leadership team has communication issues or if it’s an issue for only certain individuals. Understanding the communication strengths and weaknesses of your team will not only help you improve your performance, but the performance of the organization as a whole.

We offer a unique professional consulting program for c-level executives. Our Executive Consulting program offers leadership advice, decision-making consulting and communication skill-building from a former CEO with decades of experience leading large organizations. Call Dan Sinnott at 302-656-2898 for more information.