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Educational and Training Services

Sinnott Executive Consulting offers a variety of educational programs with titles varying from the “College of Hard Knocks” to “We Are Who We Hire.” Designed to be informational yet engaging, these programs can be the best way to address important current issues with your leadership team.

All programs offered are delivered by a seasoned executive who will draw on personal experience to illustrate the points of his or her discussion. We aim to spare our clients the shallow rhetoric that is sometimes passed on as advice; we firmly believe that experience is the best informant.

Our programs create a safe environment in which we present real life scenarios and offer feedback. Our instructors are consistently rated as “excellent” by more than 90% of participants.

Remember - “Knowledge is Power.” All great organizations invest in their current and future leaders, even in challenging economic times. For a listing of programs readily available to your organization, see the reverse of this page. Keep in mind, all programs will be adapted to address the specific challenges of your business.

If you are looking for a program that is not listed, please contact Sinnott Executive Consulting to discuss the possibility of developing a custom curriculum.

Leadership Development Programs

In a time of economic uncertainty there is a need to continue to develop your organizations leaders. Sinnott Executive Consulting is happy to announce the availability of our new Executive Leadership Programs designed to provide high quality, cost effective leadership education seminars. These seminars will be provided onsite by experienced CEOs who are now teaching in major academic institutions. The following is a listing of the available seminars:

Sales - The New Executive Competency:
Productive, time-tested sales techniques will be applied to enhancing a leader’s effectiveness. Leaders need to be able to “sell” their vision for the future and how it will impact everyone in the organization.

You Are Who You Hire:
A long standing axiom for an executive is “You are who you hire”, meaning the selection and performance of any hire has a direct impact on the hiring superior. During this seminar, participants will learn to make the best hiring choices.

College of Hard Knocks - Lessons From a CEO:
Being a good leader is not hard, it just takes hard work. Learn from a seasoned CEO how to become a better leader by effectively using tools such as candor, integrity, and balance.

Becoming an Entrepreneur in the Corporate World:
The present and future economic challenges of the corporate world need to be met by an entrepreneur spirit and mindset. This seminar will show you that growth is the only way out, and that you cannot shrink yourself to greatness.

The Management Communication Program:
To be effective, a leader needs strong communication skills. Participants will learn in both a classroom setting and from spending time in front of a camera practicing the new skills and being critiqued by accomplished communicators.

Resolving Conflicts in the Workplace:
Becoming comfortable and experienced with handling conflicts in the workplace is in demand due to both external and internal changes that impact an organization. There are Six Key Techniques that participants will learn to resolve conflict in the workplace; “I” Language vs. “You” Language, Anticipation, Self Interest, Non Verbal Clues, Limit Setting and Consequences.

Power of Persuasion:
Based upon the nationally recognized work of Dr. Robert Cialdini, this seminar will develop an individual’s ability to get others to say “yes” to important operational and strategic opportunities. The core principals of ethical influence will be discussed; Reciprocity, Scarcity, Authority, Consistency, Liking and Consensus.

Skills, Techniques and Strategies for Effective Negotiations:
Based upon the work of Patrick Cleary, a former Federal Mediator and author of the “Negotiating Handbook, participants will learn how to become more effective negotiators. The topics will address the following negotiation steps: Preparation, The Process, Basics of Conflict Resolution, Negotiations and the Rules of Engagement.