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Onboarding Services

Have you ever hired an executive with a proven track record and impeccable resume who fit the job description perfectly, but after several months on the job failed to transition successfully as an integral part of your team? You are not the only one who has scratched your head at this failure to launch.

Successful onboarding will prevent losses in productivity, damaged key relationships, and the huge expense of having to repeat the hiring process (estimated between eight and twelve times the annual salary). The onboarding services offered by Sinnott Executive Consulting can help reduce the occurrence and negative impacts of new executive turnover.

Moreover, Sinnott will provide the credibility, time commitment, and confidentiality of a trusted but unbiased outside resource. Building on years of experience and current research, we have the luxury of offering onboarding services with complete focus. Our responsibility to your organization is highly specific, unlike an in-house employee whose charge to help acclimate a new executive is paired with countless other pressing tasks.

In addition to a high level of focus on the new executive, Sinnott offers a level of confidentiality and comfort that is priceless to a new executive. While a new hire might feel wary of opening up to peers within an organization, Sinnott provides a designated, approved source of knowledge. It is of utmost importance to allow your new hire the opportunity to ask questions in an unbiased arena.

Leadership & Business Skill Set Enhancement - Over many years as a CEO, Dan Sinnott perfected the process of bringing a new hire onboard promptly and effectively by focusing on the development of key leadership and business skills. Sinnott believes that the skills that get a new executive into his or her position are not necessarily the same skills that keep them there. Improving an executive’s skills in these areas greatly improves that individual’s chance of success.

After an extensive assessment process, Sinnott Executive Consulting will help your new executive cultivate customized skills in areas like communication, leading change, time management, team building, providing candid feedback, and effective delegation. Sinnott works with new executives on developing new business skills that were not required in their previous jobs. Our model focuses on enhancing abilities to formulate a vision, develop and implement strategy, improve financial performance, enhance key relationships (with Boards, customers, regulators, etc.), and recognize growth opportunities. Honing and cultivating these skills can help avoid the high cost of typical ‘disorientation’ that occurs with a new executive.

Remember - “You are who you hire,“ and each hire is critical to your organization‘s success: Strategic onboarding can increase leadership effectiveness, satisfaction, retention, and help ensure that companies realize a return on their recruiting investment. Sinnott’s method enables new executives to have cooperative assistance while experiencing the full business cycle of events activities and deadlines that occur throughout a year within an organization.

Onboarding Case Study

Research has shown that 40% of all executives fail or quit
within the first 18 months on the job.

First-Time CEO

The parent company of a struggling local hospital chose Sinnott Executive Consulting to create an Onboarding program for the hospital’s new CEO. The hospital had chosen “Allen”, 38-year old first-time CEO whose stellar record as a Chief Operating Officer (COO) made him a very attractive candidate.

Allen took on the responsibilities of this high-risk position despite being cautioned by other respected CEOs not to take the job; if the hospital failed to succeed, it would reflect directly on his ability to function as a CEO, with grave results for his future career.

Immediately, Allen was expected to develop long-term strategic plans and address a weak balance sheet. He found himself the point-person for a myriad of questions and demands from within and outside his institution. Allen soon realized that the skills that got him his job were not those that would keep him in the position.

Dan Sinnott provided guidance throughout Allen’s first year as CEO, helping Allen manage the challenges of his new position. Sinnott Executive Consulting’s Onboarding program addresses six key areas of focus during the first year on the job:

  • Learn the Organization
  • Set A Direction
  • Establish a Short List of Priorities
  • Management of Key Relationships
  • Gain Some Early “Wins”
  • Build Your Executive Team ASAP

With the help of the Onboarding program, Allen identified two priority objectives for the first year, and accomplished both. The hospital improved financial performance and also successfully passed a national accreditation survey. along with helping Allen gain some early “wins,” Sinnott Executive Consulting also helped allen become more confident and develop strong relationships with the Board, medical staff, and employees.

Three years later, Allen has continued to grow both professionally and personally in his CEO role at the same hospital. He attributes much of his early success to having had a strong working partner in Dan Sinnott. Allen says, “Dan was my sounding board, my encyclopedia, and my guide through that first year.”