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The Intersection: Ensuring the Future of Your Business and Career Through Succession Planning

“The Intersection takes on the serious topic concerning the importance of Succession Planning for both business and individuals. Many businesses and individuals do not have a Succession Plan that would provide a road map for future success. The author believes such important decisions should not be left to chance or trying to find a best candidate for a job when in a “crisis situation”. The Intersection is written in a business fable format with the intention of further engaging the reader in a story about this important topic. The title highlights how leaders within an organization and individuals must make decisions every day that will affect the future of the business and an individual’s career.

In addition to developing the rationale for having a Succession Plan and Individual Career Plans here are some of the other skills the reader will learn: “The Curse of the Gift”; “Never Compromise Your Values”; “Develop a Career Triangle”; “The Leadership Equation”; “Gold is in the Blind Spots”; “How to Make Decisions”; “How to Handle a Crisis” and finally “The Importance of Forgiveness”. The Intersection concludes with a dramatic finish that will keep the reader engaged and pulling for some of the main characters."


The Commencement: The 8 Challenging Guidelines for Advancing Your Business
and Career

Finally, a commencement speech worth remembering!

This new book is the culmination of Sinnott’s more than 30 years’ experience thriving in the business world. It’s a must read for seasoned executives and recent business graduates who want to stay ahead and uphold continued success for their companies and their own careers.

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Be The Boss of Your Career

“My signature Be the Boss of Your Career program will help you take control over the important aspects of your career and not leave your future to chance. This program will help you to achieve success in your career and your life, and help you to become happy, healthy, confident, and wealthy.

This program is for recent graduates or someone looking for a job, those looking for a career, those looking for the next big promotion, or those that are looking to recreate themselves at any age. No matter what your age, this program can help you take control of your success and become the Boss of Your Career. Be the Boss of Your Career is available as: