A Proven Model

  1. The uniqueness of the Sinnott Executive Consulting model is to provide both executive coaching and business consulting services to our clients. We offer a personal consulting model customized to meet the needs of the individual and the organization. We work to enhance the executives Leadership skills in the following areas:
    • Technical leadership skills focusing on an organizations triple bottom-line in strategy, quality and finance
    • Relational leadership skills in change management, communication and team building
    • Character leadership skills which develop personal integrity, authenticity and self-discipline
    We also develop strategies to develop the executives day-to-day operational skills including: managing operational risk, improving business processes and maximizing the benefits of technology.
  2. A second unique feature is to focus on improving a leader’s strengths while minimizing the leader’s weaknesses. We believe more success will result from improving on one’s strengths than focusing on individuals’ weaknesses. We also realize the skills that got an individual in the leadership position will not be the only skills needed to be successful in that new position. Continuous skill development is important to the long term success of the leader and the organization.
  3. A third unique feature of Sinnott Executive Consulting is the executive experience we bring to each client engagement. For example, Dan has over 30 years of senior leadership experience in the healthcare industry, 9 years as a Chief Executive Officer. Dan knows what is needed to develop strong relationships with the Corporate Office, Board of Trustees, Medical Staff Leadership, Managers, employees, community etc. Dan has experienced success in community hospitals, academic medical centers and a national healthcare system. Dan has successfully mentored five individuals who have gone on to become respected hospital Chief Executive Officers.
Sinnott vs. Other Firms

Sinnott Executive Consulting

  • Provides both executive and business consulting services
  • Focus on improving a leader’s strengths while minimizing a leader’s weaknesses
  • Over 30 years of senior leadership experience where they have successfully mentored 5 individuals who have gone on to become CEO’s.

Other Firms

  • No CEO experience
  • Coaches have organizational development, psychology, social work or Human resources backgrounds only
  • Focus on the Individual and improving their leadership skills only
  • Limited leadership presence