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Executive Consulting

We offer a unique leadership development model that combines the development of an executive’s leadership skills (executive coaching) with improving the organizations operating performance (triple bottom line- strategy, quality and financial). We will work with a leader to achieve a balance between the professional, personal, physical and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Executive Succession Planning

We will assist with the development and implementation of an on going succession plan for all management and leadership levels in an organization.

Recruitment Readiness Planning

Before the leadership recruitment begins we will assist with the identification of the organizational results the new leader will need to accomplish and the leadership competencies needed to achieve the intended results. Once the recruitment readiness plan is completed our work will either end or we can work with an executive recruiter to identify the appropriate candidate for the position.

New Executive OnBoarding Services

We specialize in helping first time CEO’s and other executives successfully transition into their new leadership roles. We work with the individual to identify the priorities of the organization and help the new leader develop and implement a plan to address the organizational priorities. We will also help the new executive develop the leadership competencies needed to be successful in the new role within the organization.

Organizational Assessment

Perform an organizational diagnostic assessment in areas of underperformance, such as strategy, quality, finance, leadership, etc. We will then develop a plan that produces noticeable achievements within the first three weeks and generates breakthroughs on a regular basis throughout the life of the project.

Strategic Planning

We will assist with the development of a strategic plan for the organization. We will assure that the final strategic plan is thorough, measurable and “owned” by the leadership of the organization.

Board Development

We will asses the current Board composition and skill set. We will then formulate a plan to recruit new Board members necessary to achieve the strategic goals and objectives of the organization.

The Management Communication Program

We offer a custom-designed on site program to develop and enhance the communication skills of current and future leaders. It can be offered to an individual executive or to groups (minimum of 10 attendees). Learn More.

CEO Leadership Training Program

We will be offering a program designed specifically for new healthcare Chief Executive Officers to understand the challenges and opportunities of their new leadership role within an organization. Topics will include: Vision, Mission, Values and Strategies; Governance/ System/ Medical Staff Relationships; Day in the Life of a Hospital CEO; Group Discussion: Balancing Work, Family and Play; Developing the Quality-Driven Organization; Managing a Crisis; Building High-Performance Executive Teams; Fund Development, etc.

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