What our clients say about our services


"Dan Sinnott is remarkable – his ability to help me and my executive team gain focus and clarity on our top priorities was incredibly valuable, especially early on in our company’s history. Dan has been able to help us dissect our challenges directly in an open and honest way. As a result of his vast CEO experience, Dan brings a deep knowledge, experience, and passion for organizational development that helped me personally and professionally. The time I have spent individually with Dan has been a great way to learn while thinking through others’ problems. His CEO expertise and leadership insights are definitely a worthwhile investment for the whole company and the executive team. "

"As an Executive Director of a non-profit, I can attest first hand on Dan’s impact as a retreat facilitator. Dan’s unique blend of business principals and social awareness can result in a more effective Board of Directors for non-profits as they seek to plan the futures of their respective organizations. I highly recommend Dan Sinnott as that special person that can to take you to the next level."

"Dan has facilitated our CEO Roundtable for several years. His combination of leadership excellence, business wisdom, and compassionate mentoring have been a tremendous asset to the various CEO’s involved. He possesses public company CEO skills and easily translates this expertise into private company real world situations. I highly recommend Dan for any CEO Group or individual executive mentoring engagement."

"We used Dan for our leadership retreat and he was fantastic. He helped us navigate some challenging issues that required input from our entire team. He fit in well and made everyone feel at ease.”

Leadership Development

“Dan has been instrumental in helping me make the successful transition into my new role as Chief Financial Officer of a $4 billion health insurance company. I agree with Dan's favorite sayings related to career promotions "The skills that get you in a job are not enough to keep you in that new job". I have continued to develop additional business and leadership skills and I have benefited greatly from Dan's 30 plus years of executive experience and his candid feedback."

“For 2 years Dan Sinnott provided executive coaching for me. The coaching was, as it turned out, not only for me in my role as a senior executive for a significant construction management company, but also as a human being finding his way to personal satisfaction and contribution.

"Dan has a very practical approach to developing oneself, and making incremental steps towards improvement in the area of leadership and self awareness. Tough decisions are easier to act upon because of the insights and experiences that Dan has shared with me. I benefited by his 25 years in leadership in countless ways."

“I was recruited out of a private practice to run a large hospital owned multispecialty physician practice and then the cardiovascular service line within that hospital. Dan helped me fill gaps in my experience and make me aware of blind spots that were instrumental in my success. His mentoring of my leadership skills was invaluable as he helped me navigate a number of very difficult challenges. Finally, my medical training provided little understanding of hospital finance. Dan helped to read an income statement and balance sheet with the same ease that I read an EKG.

"I am a much better person and leader having worked with Dan."

“Thank you so much for your informative presentation with our senior team with regards to your approach to Leadership Assessment and Leadership Development. I was extremely impressed with the way you conducted the beginning of the interview with us, making everyone feel comfortable participating in a relevant conversation to ground us all. It is also extremely helpful that you have worked your way up through the healthcare system to become President and have had real life experiences understanding the importance of Leadership. I wanted to let you know that I personally can see how people would be very comfortable with you as a mentor”.

“Dan has a unique set of skills. His ability to develop leadership that is transformative is amazing. Dan has enabled many employees to reach greater potential than they ever believed possible. Dan is a man of integrity and balance. I would recommend him for any leadership formation/development program.”

“Dan combines his senior executive experience with insight into why healthcare is the way it is, and uses it to guide organizations with how to succeed with the way healthcare is going to be. But Dan is more than a talented healthcare executive; he is someone who is "confident in his skin." There is a paragraph in his book, "The Commencement", that sums up his philosophy: "True success involves more than fancy cars and career titles because those things can't do much for you when you are facing life's real challenges. True success involves things like family and friends who love you, a healthy lifestyle, and spiritual resources to keep you going." It quickly becomes clear why Dan is a success, and he is generous with helping others succeed as well.”

"Working with Dan has been a wonderful experience that has already shown results. His coaching helped hone my business and leadership skills as well as develop new skills. Dan’s coaching and feedback has been a great asset to me in preparing for important meetings and how to reflect on the meeting afterwards. Dan has also provided feedback to me which gives me a different and objective perspective. Dan’s years of executive experience have been a great asset to me."

Keynote Speaking

"Dan was the closing keynote speaker at the Western Regional Trustee Symposium in June, 2014. Congratulations Dan on a great presentation! As a member of the WRTS Advisory Committee, I was honored to recommend Dan as a principal speaker! Dan is an Outstanding Healthcare Leader, CEO, Executive Coach and Expert on Governance!"

"I enjoyed your presentation at the Michigan Hospital Association Leadership Conference in Traverse City. I’m applying it at home and to my work. Your messages were meaningful and timely. I used your Six Pack at home this past weekend and today at work to set priorities for today and the week."

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your excellent presentation at the 2014 Western Regional Trustee Symposium in Las Vegas. Your topic “New Time, New Directions- Strategies for Trustees in the Era of Healthcare Reform” was very well received by both new trustees and veteran trustees. As a CEO of a rural hospital, I was pleased that you were able to present your information without marginalizing the CEO’s in the room. You have the ability to walk this fine line and still provide a meaningful message to trustees.
As the 2014 Western Regional Trustee Symposium Chairman, I was very pleased with your presentation and would recommend you to my colleges across the country. Thank you for your timely and thought provoking presentation!"

"Thanks for your well-planned and timely presentation at our 21st Annual Small or Rural Conference. Your background of this topic proved quite interesting and informative and we appreciate the hard work that went into preparing for our members.
The evaluations reflect our attendees were overall pleased and felt the programs were valuable and good timing of topics. Average Score Rated 4.7 (5.0 highest). Again thanks and it was a joy to have a leader in the healthcare industry at our conference."

"Dan's presentation at the Northeast Leadership Convention inspired our attendees to take charge of their careers with proven, actionable strategies. He shared techniques in building a board of directors, creating a career plan, and executing a career vision. Attendees found it invaluable and insightful to learn from Dan, a leader who has achieved C-suite level success. His comprehensive presentation energized our attendees, which has already made a tangible difference in their careers!"

“Dan Sinnott presented the session Be the Leader That Makes Health Care Great for the MHA Health Foundation 2012 Winter Leadership Conference. His presentation was met with outstanding reviews, including the comment “Speaker was great! He made the conference a leadership conference.

As the event planner, it was a pleasure to work with Dan. Immediately, he suggested we talk to tailor the presentation to the MHA audience and was available and helpful throughout the planning process.

I would highly recommend Dan Sinnot as a leadership consultant and speaker. My experience with him was excellent."

“We booked Dan to deliver two presentations at OR Excellence, our annual meeting for surgical facility leaders. I could not have been more pleased or impressed with the quality of Dan's talks about healthcare leadership. They were targeted, engaging, timely, topical and quite memorable. I was not alone in my high praise of Mr. Sinnott. Mr. Sinnott was lauded more so than any speaker on our speaker evaluations — a true testament to the excellence he brings to the podium. He quite literally knocked them both presentations out of the park, far exceeding my expectations. If you're in need of an authoritative, warm and intelligent speaker for your program, I'd highly recommend you reach out to Dan Sinnott. What's more, he was a true pleasure to work with."

“Dan has presented as the Keynote for the ACHE-NJ annual meeting and received outstanding feedback. “Dan is an exceptional career coach who is able to energize a large audience in record time to commit to their professional development and realize the importance of ongoing mentorship. I have also had the privilege of Dan participating as a panel member on an ACHE Track focusing on career development which was an outstanding success. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an outstanding career coach, either for personal development, organizational development or as a keynote to contact Dan. You will not be disappointed.”

“Your presentation was very well received by the attendees and set the stage perfectly for the sessions that followed. Your delivery was flawless and your message was right on point. Throughout the remainder of the day, many attendees consistently approached us to express how much they took away from your presentations”.

“Dan Sinnott is a truly exceptional leadership coach, mentor, keynote speaker and business advisor who blends lessons learned from his experience as a CEO with fresh and innovative ideas that apply to both complex organizations and new start-up ventures. He is incredibly generous and inspirational to anyone seeking to grow and improve themselves and their business performance. Dan served as the lead presenter on two leadership development seminars I helped to organize on behalf of the Healthcare Leadership Network of the Delaware Valley (regional chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives) focusing on talent development and entrepreneurship. Both programs received outstanding reviews. He has been tremendous resource on a personal level. Dan's razor sharp instincts, vast experience, and strong emphasis on core professional values set him apart.”

“Dan Sinnott was a pleasure to work with as a speaker. Having been a hospital leader and now a university professor, he is a terrific speaker with command of the information and a thoughtful presentation style. Dan Sinnott spoke at our event with high level CEOs and trustees and could relate to their issues. He also puts forth a sense of obligation to ensure that participants leave the program with important takeaways. I recommend him without hesitation."

Succession Planning & Leadership Development

"At our annual Staff Meeting Dan interwove our succession planning strategy beautifully into his presentation and struck a chord within our Staff with regard to thinking objectively about their own career development and planning and how that could benefit both the Staff and the Firm. He really hit home the notion not to diminish or forget your own personal growth objectives and career plan. He lit a fire within our Staff to take at least one concrete step towards furthering their own individual career plan and asked them to identify that first step in the next few days and send that concrete step to him."

"Sinnott Executive Consulting was a tremendous help to our Board of Trustees in doing a professional competence assessment and recommending a professional development plan as part of our leadership succession planning process. The process, results and sensitivity to mission and values was spot on."

“Dan Sinnott has worked with Good Shepherd Rehabilitation Network over the last year to establish a Leadership Development/Succession Planning program. Dan has been instrumental in guiding management and The Board with a three-phase approach. Dan has a very high level of integrity, possesses an exceptional knowledge of the subject matter, and worked very well with management and The Board to make the project successful.”

“Dan was responsible for the 10 hospitals and several nursing homes as part of his role as a Senior VP for Catholic Health Initiatives. Those hospitals faced many financial and operational challenges and Dan knows what it takes to successfully lead an organization, especially through challenging times.”

“What I liked about Sinnott Executive Consulting is that Dan took the time to
really understand my business and its long term needs. His focus on innovation consistently advanced the needs of my organization. The leadership and management skills that Dan helped me develop over the course of our partnership resulted in me becoming a better leader of my company.”

“There are many consultants out there offering their services to organizations like ours. We decided to work with Dan because we know him, we trust him and he has the leadership experience we need to help our organization.”

“Dan is one of those few leaders that I felt privileged to watch and learn from.
His presence, natural leadership, and consulting insights had a meaningful and lasting impact on my career.”

“In my role as the President of a regional construction company, over the years Dan has provided great insight into how to enhance my leadership skills and also how to improve the overall performance of our company. Our company and I have both benefited from Dan’s leadership knowledge and experience.”